1. I like that a redirect link to the current page went up on the old address. It is how I found the new content.

    The site is harder to read now, at least from a PC. I don’t often visit via mobile browser, so cannot comment there. Also, while “white space” can be a good thing in many cases, on the new site there is nothing to break the page up visually.

    Perhaps dividing the page visually can help both of the above observations.

    I used to default my bookmark to the meetings page which was clear, concise and had concrete information. I have not yet found anything like that here.

    Also, it would be nice to have the ASQ News Today section have the posted date in the by line. In the following example, “3.15’ TV Show Punctures Nike’s Air Cushion Claims” it took writing this to consider that “3.15” may not be a reference to a clause in a document but may actually be the date in an unusual format.

    In the end, I acknowledge that people often resist change and that sometimes the resistance is merited.

    1. Daniel, Thank you for taking the time to write detailed comments. I will keep them in mind as I fine tune our new website, and get more experienced with WordPress. The new meetings page is called programs and the URL is http://asqphoenix.org/programs/.

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