April Greetings from Chair Donna Horton

Dear ASQ-0704 Members,

There is a lot going on in ASQ right now!

On the local level, I hope you have had the chance to check out our new website.  The address is the same — https://asqphoenix.org/ — but the content and organization are all new.  See the blog our Placement Chair Stephanie Lopez has started, for example.  Thanks so much to Judy Herrmann for the great work, and to the leadership team members who participated in gathering requirements and evaluating the new design!

Chuck Cox will present on Enterprise Value-Stream Mapping at our meeting on April 13th.  He will explain how to go about capturing the process through people and their perspective, using an approach which engages multiple process stakeholders to foster a rich, focused discussion of needs.  Mr. Cox is a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Lean Master with over 3 decades of performance improvement experience in transactional (financial services, utilities, government, IT, healthcare) and manufacturing (computers and peripherals, automotive, aerospace, polymers, semiconductors, life sciences).  One of the early proponents of Quality Function Deployment, he is co-author of The QFD Handbook and has used QFD for designing LSS Deployments, turbine engines, automotive components, blood fractionation and credit card processing

On the international level, there is so much to do at World Conference!  Networking and the conference sessions, opportunities for training and certification exams, and attending Team Excellence sessions at the least.  I do  hope some of you get the chance to attend.  We’d love to hear about your experiences at a future section meeting.

The conference sessions themselves are organized into five categories: Focus on the Customer, Operational Excellence, Quality as a Competitive Advantage, Quality Fundamentals, and Risk and Change.  Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced sessions are available within these categories.

Before the conference begins on Monday, there are training and certification opportunities.  Training ranges from one-day courses such as Lean Kaizen: A Simplified Approach to Process Improvement, and Corrective and Preventive Action, to intensive 3-day preparation courses for the Certified Quality Auditor and the Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence certifications.  See the list at http://asq.org/wcqi/training.aspx#cpa

On Sunday, April 30, ASQ offers on-site exams for all certifications except Certified Master Black Belt.  The application deadline has extended to April 7, 2017

During the conference, ASQ’s Team Excellence program enables organizations to share success stories and learn best practices from others around the world.  There will be live presentations on benchmarking, learning, and sharing best practices, culminating as the International Team Excellence Award recipients are recognized.

Best regards,

Donna Horton – Chair, ASQ 0704, Valley of the Sun