May Greetings from Chair Donna Horton

Dear ASQ-0704 Members,

We often hear about various “bodies of knowledge” within ASQ, but do you know what that encompasses?  ASQ groups the many skills and attributes of the quality journey into four broad stages of personal and professional development.  This is called the Quality Body of Knowledge (QBOK®)

ASQ Quality Body of Knowledge stages of personal and professional development

There are thousands of ways the topics in these four categories combine to form the certification training most of us are familiar with.  Consider Pursuit of Personal Excellence.  According to the QBOK® personal excellence comprises mastering these abilities:

  • Personal vision and purpose
  • Life planning and fulfilling a specific life purpose
  • Personal enjoyment and satisfaction in personal/professional life
  • Commitment and accountability
  • Self-knowledge and self-assessment
  • Prioritizing and time management

No matter what position we hold in our work, or how our personal lives may vary, attaining and polishing these skills help us develop and grow. Whether you are managing a corporate quality program or figuring out how to apply them to teaching a kindergarten class, these quality skills will help you do that job better.  So, all of our certification bodies of knowledge build on these conceptual frameworks to help us absorb, process, and retain what we learn.

Whether you just want to learn something to help you do your job better, or whether you are working to achieve a particular certification, the QBOK® can help you focus your efforts.

For the complete QBOK® overview, see  Another useful resource is the Certification Catalog,

Best regards,

Donna Horton – Chair, ASQ 0704, Valley of the Sun