Being the ASQ Section Treasurer is Fairly Simple by David Gibson

The job description for elected office of ASQ Section Treasurer is fairly simple:  Keep the section books and provide reports to show what the financial status is to members and to the ASQ national accounting group.  However this means the Treasurer has the primary responsibility to keep track of the members money and make sure it is used as budgeted and within the rules of the organization.

Each year the Executive Committee (EC) determines a budget of anticipated income and categorize what we will spend that on.   Since our section doesn’t hold any fund raising events just about all our income comes from the allotted portion of member dues and certification payments.  When paying the bills we need to make sure the expense is documented and falls within the budget.  Finally ASQ national asks for a us to provide quarterly reports that all these add up and fall in their guidelines.  These are then subject to Audit by our section’s Audit chair.

While this sounds like a lot to do it is all structured and works out fairly easy.  As also noted this is an elected position on the Executive Committee and is one of two officers that is term limited.  The treasurer can only serve for two years.  As of December we will need to transfer the financial responsibility to someone else.  If you would be interested in taking on this highly respected position please get in touch with someone on the EC.