June Greetings from Chair David Gibson

Dear ASQ-0704 members,

Things are moving fast in the Society and the Phoenix Section. We are almost half way through the year with many challenges yet to address in order to accomplish our plans.

Last month ASQ held its annual World Conference Quality and Improvement (WCQI) in Seattle. Once again, this was a conference with key Quality leaders and more than 100 sessions of the latest Quality technology and ideas.  Be sure to check out WCQI 2018 highlights to see a PDF summary of what was presented.

In addition to the conference Quality activities, ASQ Member Leaders worked on the SAC-to-GCC transition.  If you follow the news that has been circulating within ASQ, work continues toward a major reorganization of the Sections in affixation and finance.  As things stand today the Sections in Arizona and Nevada will become part of the ASQ Mountain Region, one of 15 regions worldwide.  ASQ Treasury plans will transfer all Section funds to their respective regional account.  All budgeted amounts will remain credited to the individual Section.  There is plenty of work yet to do but activity is well under way.

Once again, this month we will cover another benefit of ASQ membership: professional certifications.  There are currently 17 types of ASQ certification.  Certification is achieved via peer-reviewed exams; many certifications also require proof of continuing education.

Per ASQ’s “why certifications matter for your career”:

  1. Income potential: Quality professionals with an ASQ certification can earn a higher salary than those who are not certified. An ASQ certification can add thousands of dollars to the average salary. For example, a recent ASQ Salary Survey showed employees with CQEs earn an average of almost $10,000 more than those who are not certified. 
  2. Competitive advantage: Certifications provide employers with the assurance that a job candidate has demonstrated proficiency in a specific area of quality. 
  3. Global recognition: Nearly 250,000 certifications have been issued to quality professionals across the globe.

Finally, this month’s Program presentation will be on artificial intelligence (AI) and applications for the future.  Please join us for an intriguing evening: Thursday, June 14 at the Edward Jones Training Center in Tempe, AZ. (See the separate June Program Meeting article for more details).

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Dave Gibson – Chair ASQ-0704, Valley of the Sun.