July Greetings from Chair David Gibson

Dear ASQ-0704 members,

Things are moving quickly at the mid-year: summer and the monsoon season are here in the valley. Our Section’s Executive Committee is working to deliver the items we had planned to bring you during 2018. The monthly Programs have been well received as have been our highlights of the benefits of your ASQ membership. We hope you are finding something new and useful. The EC’s focus now shifts to developing our plans for 2019, including preparations for the ASQ SAC-GCC transition (from the Section Affairs Council to the Geographic Communities Council).

Following up on our presentation of the value and process to ASQ Certifications last month,  our review of ASQ benefits this month will explain the re-certification process. Those with advanced certification need to keep their certification(s) current. Every 3 years you need to have accumulated 18 RU credits. You receive Recertification Units (RUs) for working in a quality-related field, continuing education, attendance at ASQ meetings, and other activates that show continued learning and development. You can also synchronize the recertification dates if you hold multiple ASQ Certifications so you only need 18 RUs total, not 18 RUs per certification. Today’s recertification process is moving to an entirely on-line system that allows you to keep running records as you go. Now with the credit for membership and meeting attendance increased to 0.5 RU it is getting faster and easier to complete the recertification process. More information is available on the ASQ Certifications web page (https://asq.org/cert) to discover additional ways to obtain RUs and about the recertification process itself. ASQ also has a Certification Catalog there that you may download free.

This month’s Program meeting topic will be “ANSI/ASSP/ISO-45001 is Finally Published! – An Occupational Health and Safety Management System” by Patrick White. With his experience in Quality and Health & Safety Management, and a member of the TAG that prepared the standard, Patrick will discuss the new standard, how and why it is used, and its compatibility with ISO-9001 and others in modern standards. This should make for a very interesting presentation.

We look forward to seeing you,
Dave Gibson – Chair ASQ-0704, Valley of the Sun.