August Greetings from Chair David Gibson

Dear ASQ-0704 members,

Here we are just past the middle of the year. So for our leadership team it is time to take a look at what we have worked on so far and start to look at what we will need to do next year. A couple weeks ago our team spent about 4 hours on a weekend to discuss these. First the good news – we are doing fine, finances are on track, membership is holding steady, and we are accomplishing what we thought we wanted to do. Second the better news – we want to be able to do more for our members. So we are asking questions like how can we expand our reach? (We may even try some before the end of the year – Stay tuned.) Can we spread our scholarship/sponsor more? Can we reach students and the upcoming generation to show them what Quality is about? Can we better reach our members whom live outside the Phoenix metro area? In addition ASQ is reorganizing its regions and section reporting assignments. The specifics of their plan are yet to be seen but we plan to do our best to make it happen. Please watch and the web sites to follow the latest updates.

One change that Bill Hoddy (Voice of the Customer Chair) has been working on is the integration of an on-line meeting survey. In order to promote the use of the online survey, starting this month we will provide an additional drawing – of the on-line survey respondents – with a raffle prize to be handed out the following month. The process is easy: When you have the opportunity following the Program meeting locate the Survey link at the bottom of the Program meeting announcement on the section website, or scan the QR code on your RU receipt with a smartphone app, to submit your responses to the Program survey. It only takes a few minutes. Your feedback is important to the Leadership team and Program Committee to help us find the speakers and topics you are most interested in.

Hint: don’t forget to leave your contact information so we can contact you should you win the raffle drawing.

This online survey kickoff comes at an opportune time as our presentation topic is on Sustainability. Dr. Anton Camarota will be discussing “Quality and The Circular Economy: Back to the Future.” Instead of the throw away economy of Make-Use-Discard, this philosophy uses an approach of:

(a) design out waste and pollution,
(b) keep products and materials in use, and
(c) regenerate natural systems.

This should be a fun and interactive session and we look forward to seeing you there.

Thank you,

Dave Gibson – Chair ASQ-0704, Valley of the Sun.