October Greetings from Chair David Gibson

Dear ASQ-0704 members,

Fall is here and we are looking toward the end of the year already.

ASQ’s SAC to GCC transition is in the final stages of approval with a Go / No-Go decision by the Board of Directors later this month.  If approved our Phoenix section will become part of the ASQ Mountain region and our bank accounts will transfer to myASQ Finance.  As with any change there will be some benefit and some challenges.   As member leaders we are working hard not to have too much of the challenge filter down to you.  For the positive, we have submitted the 2019 Section Business Plan. We are planning to make some significant investments in technology to be able to bring the member Program meetings on-line and also invite one or two top-grade speakers.

Later this month the Section will participate in Fulton Career Exploration Nights at ASU: on the 16th we will be at the Memorial Union, Tempe main campus; and on the 24th at the Polytechnic location.  We are hopeful to spark a bit of Quality interest in a few young minds and perhaps generate some interest and participation in a student sub-section.

Last month we trialed our first run at a live webcast of our Program presentations.  Like any new program there a couple challenges to a completely smooth implementation, but the program pilot was well received and we are working on the necessary improvements to assure member value.  Many thanks to the project team that is pulling this effort together – Bob Mitchell, Melanie Galloway and Ginger Myers.  Please check our website, Facebook page and/or LinkedIn group for webcast login details if you wish to participate in the Program meeting via the on-line format.

Once again ASQ is bringing the Lean & Six Sigma Conference to Phoenix next spring (March 4-5, 2019).  Our section has again been asked to provide volunteers.  For one day of helping with speaker introductions and as room monitor you will have full access to another day of the conference.   If you are interested in volunteering at the ASQ L&SS Conference please contact our coordinators Ellen Ermer (ellen_ermer@yahoo.com) and Jennifer Kirsten (JKirsten@mycts.org).  In addition, this year we are going to try hosting a table for the Expo portion of the conference.  So while you are there swing by and let us know your Section interests. We would appreciate the opportunity to learn more about your section membership expectations and how we can make your membership a positive member experience.

Finally, as will occasionally happen, our scheduled speaker for October ran into a conflict.  Fortunately, our PR Chair and Webmaster, Robert ‘QualityBob’ Mitchell, has agreed to deliver a presentation on “Strategies to Improve Change Project Effectiveness.”  Certainly a timely topic whether you are working with the ASQ regional transition, in Quality 4.0, or any other significant change you face in the new year.  We look forward to seeing you at the October 11 Program meeting (Edward Jones Training Facility, Tempe, AZ; 6:00pm-8:00pm).

Thank you,

Dave Gibson – Chair ASQ-0704, Valley of the Sun.