January 2019 Greetings from the Chair

Dear ASQ-0704 members,

I would like to wish all a Happy New Year and the hope that the rest of your holidays have gone well.

As the new year begins the ASQ Phoenix Section transitions to the ASQ Global Community Council (GCC).  We are now organized as a part of the ASQ Mountain Region, covering the eight (8) states running between the north and south US borders and east-to-west between the Midwest / Texas and the Rocky Mountains.  The ASQ finance system restructuring has been delayed, but we are being told it will happen sometime soon.

In the meantime, your section leaders are working to keep things running smoothly.  Just a few of the plans in the works for this coming year:

  • We will broadcast our Program meetings, live over the internet, to improve our reach;
  • We will maintain the on-line meeting survey system to measure and improve your satisfaction;
  • We may pilot a few additional Program meeting enhancements such as LiveStreaming;
  • We plan to develop a small business outreach program; and,
  • this spring our section will host a table at the ASQ Lean and Six Sigma conference (March 4-5).

Our goal is to enhance our presence and grow our impact in the valley, and statewide, to better reach our members and to share more of the Quality Body of Knowledge (QBoK) when and where it is needed.  There remains a need to fill some vacant Executive Committee positions so please let us know if you can help us deliver on our ambitious improvement plans.

Finally, for the first Program this year, in January we will have a preview from the 2019 ASQ LSS Conference.   ASQ Phoenix section members Dustin Schodt and Joanne Voordeckers will present their conference presentation – Digital Age Operational Excellence: Easier Than You Think.  (You can click here to see a video preview Digital Age Operational Excellence: Easier Than You Think).  This should be a great chance to hear a conference level workshop on engagement of your workforce in continuous improvement activities in the digital age.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Once again Happy New year,

Dave Gibson – Chair ASQ-0704, Valley of the Sun.