April 2019 Chair’s Message

Dear ASQ-0704 members,

As we move into the second quarter of 2019 the ASQ Phoenix Section Executive Committee continues to seek and provide the resources our members are looking for in Quality.  As ASQ continues to transform towards a new operating model, we here in Phoenix and Arizona strive to deliver for your needs. The following are some of the things of note for this month:

Thank you once again to the Section volunteers that helped make the 2019 ASQ Lean Six Sigma Conference be a success.  As we noted previously, Section volunteers were helping out at the Conference here in Phoenix last month as room monitors and moderators, and representing the Section at our informational table.  This has been a great opportunity for the Phoenix Section to let the quality world know we exist and what products & services we offer our members. For those of you that we met at the LSS Conference we look forward to further engagement with our section as we strive to make your section membership a positive customer experience.

Last month our Section member leaders reached out to ASU faculty to gauge interest in re-opening a Student Chapter on its campus.  More details are to be worked out later in the year so it is good to see some potential for progress and to bring in young minds and the future of the Quality.

Don’t forget – the ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement (WCQI) is coming up next month (MAy 20-22) in Fort Worth, TX.  This is ASQ’s premier event showcasing the latest in theory, practice and technology. Registration is still open. Section EC member leaders are invited to attend & participate in the ASQ Community Leaders Institute (CLI), which precedes the WCQI. These ASQ leadership and planning meetings provide member leaders a great opportunity to learn how ASQ operates, to participate in the transformation process, and learn from their peer member unit leaders in their roles for the organization.

For our ASQ member benefits review this month I would like to note the ASQ on-line Certification Registry (https://asq.org/cert/registry).   You should have received a notification directly from ASQ last month that the Certification Registry is now active.  The Registry is an up-to-date record of individuals whom have earned an ASQ Certification and (when applicable) maintained it through recertification. This new Registry will replace the previous practice of publishing static certification exam pass lists online.  Another tool to help identify and process those certification needs in real time.

As you may have heard, this month’s membership Program meeting will offer a slightly different format.  Fresh from the most recent ASQ Lean and Six Sigma Conference, Rob Lawton and Tony Belilovskiy have put together a 90-minute workshop program to share with us on the topic of Transformational leadership for customer-centered excellence. Due to its workshop format our typical meeting room, agenda and on-line presentation have been adjusted slightly.  We will be meeting in classroom #103 of the Edward Jones Training Facility and will require a full hour and one-half to cover the materials. We will reduce the amount of the usual Welcome and Announcements.  Please review the agenda and adjust as you need to.  Also for those joining on-line please note we will be using Facebook Live to broadcast the session in place of our typical webinar web link.  If you cannot physically attend the April 11 Program meeting please tune into the Facebook Live feed on our Facebook page. If you have not previously joined our Facebook Page, we invite you to join today so you don’t forget. For more details about the April 11 Program , see our Program announcement on the asqphoenix.org website.

Finally, one additional announcement:  Please stay tuned for exciting information about our June Program.  Empire Caterpillar in Mesa, AZ will be hosting a tour of their heavy equipment repair shop facilities.  This should be a great opportunity to see Quality in practice.  Due to limited facilities we will be imposing a limit on group size. Reservations will be required.  Please keep an eye on your calendar and our announcements (webpage, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) for further event details and registration link.


Dave Gibson – Chair ASQ-0704, Valley of the Sun.