ASQ Phoenix on myASQ

The ASQ Phoenix Section member leaders are proud to announce its newest website, on the myASQ platform.

ASQ Phoenix on myASQ
ASQ Phoenix Section on myASQ

Discover the Phoenix Section community on myASQ.
myASQ is a community of practice that supports quality practitioners and professionals in their knowledge and use of quality. Much of what occurs in the top-level navigation of myASQ — discussions, blogs, resources, etc. — provides that support to all of those with access to myASQ.

How to find the Phoenix Section community:

  1. Navigate to via your web browser
  2. Click on the “Login” button in the upper right hand corner of the myASQ homepage
  3. You will be automatically re-directed to where you will enter your ASQ login credentials.
  4. You will then be re-directed to the myASQ homepage
  5. In the top menu bar, find and click on the word “Communities”
  6. Either browse (scroll) through the entire list of myASQ communities to find “Phoenix Section”, or first narrow the search by clicking on the word “Geographic” communities in the right navigational panel, then locate the “Phoenix Section”.
  7. Click on the words “Phoenix Section”.
  8. The Home page presents the visitor with a high level view of recent postings.
  9. Browse the Phoenix Section site by clicking on each of the categories in the top menu bar: Discussions, Members, Files, Photos, Videos, Events, News.
  10. Participate in the community by initiating or joining a Discussion.