July 2019 Chair’s Message

Dear ASQ-0704 members,

We are now already half-way through the year and it is time to start looking to next year.  Besides the usual business plan and budget, the Executive Committee is also looking for potential EC team members to help us execute our operational and strategic plans.  All of the team member openings are not filled at this time so if you would be interested in serving the section please contact us at asq0704contactus@gmail.com.

I wish to congratulate one of our section members for obtaining the status of ASQ Fellow.   Willis A. Jensen of W.L. Gore, Flagstaff, AZ, was recognized in a ceremony at the ASQ’s World Conference on Quality and Improvement held May 20 – 22 in Fort Worth, TX. Willis Jensen received the honor for training students in quality-related courses, for statistical leadership in industry, significant research contributions, and presentations in statistical process control and experimental design, for his outstanding service to multiple ASQ journals, and for helping bridge the gap between the theory and practice of industrial statistics.

Our congratulations for his recognition of this prestigious honor.

You may have seen in a recent message from ASQ that membership has many advantages  –  ASQ offers hundreds of resources for you in the Quality Resources area of our website. But did you know ASQ has an area of its website dedicated to concepts, tools, applications, and technical terms on quality principles from A to Z? All this can be found in ‘Learn About Quality’ (https://asq.org/quality-resources/learn-about-quality) resource area. It includes all you need – from Affinity Diagrams to the Voice of the Customer table and more.

This month our Program speaker will be Jim Steele, Vice President of Quality Assurance and Compliance for Watershed Idea Foundry, Inc. and Phoenix Section Program Chair. Jim will discuss “The Use of Statistical Techniques in Developing Optimized Additive Manufacturing Processes for Producing Ti64 Medical Devices”. This should be a very interesting discussion of the application of traditional Quality Tools used on the leading edge technologies and materials.

We are back at the Edward Jones Training Center in Tempe for the July 11 Program and it will be able for remote on-line viewing via our FreeConferenceCall account (see details elsewhere in the Sun Dial newsletter and in our website posts).  We look forward to you being able to join us.


Dave Gibson

Chair ASQ-0704, Valley of the Sun.