October 2019 Chair’s Message

Dear ASQ-0704 members,

Our Executive Committee (EC) nominations for 2020 are coming along.  We currently have candidates for the ASQ-required elected positions of Section Chair and Treasurer.  We hope to have a candidate for the required Secretary position by the time the team nominations are due for submission.  In the meantime, the remainder of the Executive Committee (appointed positions) is coming together as well.  Most of the positions have been filled so we will be posting the full 2020 EC team soon.   That said there are a few positions to fill and we always welcome additional member volunteer support of our various committees for additional help.  So please contact us at asq0704contactus@gmail.com if you have interest in participating with your section’s leadership team next year.

We are continue to gather and evaluate your feedback from our monthly Program meetings.  As shown below our overall meeting satisfaction score remains strong at over 80%.  We discovered a minor calculation error that was artificially suppressing the satisfaction scores earlier in the year.  The corrected satisfaction scores are a little better than what we had been publishing previously.  We also continue to receive many good comments and suggestions, and are working to incorporate these as they apply.

Meeting Satisfaction Graph
Overall satisfaction running average is 85%

Our membership meeting Program speakers this month will be Tim Littlefield and Jeff Riggs of Cranial Technologies.  Their presentation will discuss “Treating Abnormal Head Shape in Infants”.  The full description is provided later here in the Sundial, on our external website and on our myASQ Community site; we anticipate a very interesting discussion on the custom medical device industry with its unique technical and quality challenges and customer segment.

We look forward to you being able to join us live, in-person or via web conference.


Dave Gibson – Chair ASQ-0704, Valley of the Sun.