November 2019 Chair’s Message

Dear ASQ-0704 members,

It hard to believe it is November already, where does the time go.  But the good news is – Happy World Quality Month! 

According to myASQ ( “World Quality Month (WQM) is a worldwide celebration of quality. It’s a time to showcase the advancement and valuable contributions quality professionals make in businesses, communities, and institutions. This month allows us to shine a light on the industry and the individuals striving to provide excellence through quality.”

Or as was noted in the ASQ Insider a few weeks ago:  “Since 2010, ASQ has fostered World Quality Month, offering organizations around the world an opportunity to celebrate successes and share results for others to learn from. World Quality Month is also about understanding the impact quality has on the world during business hours, in the community, and at home. Look to social media and myASQ on November 1 for quizzes, posters, and more to celebrate quality… and you!”

ASQ’s 2019 World Quality Month website is now LIVE: Take the quiz, download free banners, wallpapers, trivia tiles, quality memes and posters!

As a part of the ASQ WQM celebration, the Phoenix Section is reminds you to reinforce your quality efforts, share your best practices and key learnings within your organization.  Find discussions on myASQ and other media outlets to share your WQM celebration thoughts, ideas and practices.  Let us know what quality means to you, your company and your community. Please re-tweet and post your comments to our Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram posts about the role and impact of Quality this WQM.

November is also when we finalize our organizational plans for the coming year.  Based on our nominations the elected board members will be:

  • Robert “QualityBob” Mitchell – Section Chair
  • Tim Lane – Section Treasurer
  • Wayne Haggstrom – Section Secretary
  • Jim Steele – Section Chair Elect

Please join me in congratulating and welcoming the elected board team members.  In addition, we have filled out most of the appointed 2020 Executive Committee as well (see below and also on our website).  There will be several new faces on the team, as we look forward to another exciting yet challenging year.  That said, there are still a few remaining positions to fill – and there is always room on the various support committees for additional help.  So please contact us at if you have interested in participating with your Section’s 2020 EC.

This month’s ASQ benefits discussion is on Scholarships.  ASQ has had a long history of supporting students and our next generations of professionals.  Besides the scholarships available nationally from ASQ HQ, many ASQ divisions and sections, including we in Phoenix, offer funds to try to help out students.  At ASU we have the Ted Thai endowment that is setup to provide students additional funds.  The Section EC supplements those endowment dollars with an annual distribution from our budget to round out the amount provided.  This year $850 was given to each of three students.  We are also looking for ways to expand our reach to other schools and areas.  More on that in the future.

Once again, this month we are planning an interesting meeting topic for our November 14 Program.  Our speakers will be Thomas Schumann and Amy Stoklas-Oakes from CEI to discuss “LabForce – Supporting Arizona’s Talent Demands in Bio and Life Science Companies.”  They not only want to share with us what they do, but they also want to hear from our members on what you do and gather your input into what can be done to better support Arizona’s industry needs.  I hope you will be able to join us for a collaborative session.

And again – Happy World Quality Month!!


Dave Gibson – Chair ASQ-0704, Valley of the Sun.