January 2020 Chair Message

Chair’s Message – January 2020

by Robert ‘QualityBob’ Mitchell

As we usher in the new year and introduce the 2020 ASQ Phoenix section leadership team let me first wish all our members and their families good health, increased prosperity, safety and security, exciting challenges, rewarding personal & professional growth, and joy.

During much of this past November and December the ASQ Phoenix leadership team (Executive Committee, aka ‘EC’) – both new and exiting member leaders – was focused on developing the Section’s 2020 strategic plan and budget. A form of electronic “Catch ball” was incorporated into our strategic planning process to cascade strategic intents down to specific action plans. Each Action Plan is assigned an owner from the EC. Key Metrics and Due Dates are identified for each plan (generally, 1 activity-based measure and 1-2 measures of effectiveness). The Section is using the X-matrix and Bowler scorecard to deploy and communicate our progress among the EC and our members (see below). The 2020 proposed Budget was developed with an eye towards funding both our current operational obligations, such as our Program meetings, Scholarships, OutReach, etc., as well as provide funding of our strategic action plans. As each ASQ section within a given ASQ Region completes its strategic plan and budget those plans are then rolled up by the respective Regional Director to look for areas of synergy and possible collaboration between the local Sections (1 + 1 = 3). Improved collaboration and execution between Sections and among Division member units is an expected outcome of the recent ASQ “Transformation” project, of which you no doubt have heard bits and pieces about.


The X-matrix is a relatively new strategic plan deployment tool that helps visually demonstrate and communicate the alignment of an organization’s 3-5 year strategic objectives to its annual strategic objectives and lower level action plans. In our case, the long-term strategies were handed down from ASQ HQ. Our annual strategies are a blend of top-down and bottom-up initiatives. The Action Plans are the culmination of the “Catch-ball process” of section priorities. Prioritization helped limit the number of action plans to a reasonable, achievable number based on existing resources (volunteers, time, money).

Bowler Scorecard

Progress on our strategic action plans and metrics will be discussed and monitored during the EC’s monthly conference calls. Each project will be assigned a R-Y-G determination (where Red = Not Started or Behind Schedule; Yellow = trending towards Not Meeting Goals; and Green = On Target), based on progress towards meeting the project metrics target. Most action plans will display RED for at least the first couple of months while project chartering and team formation is on-going, most notably for those action plans involving cross-Section collaboration.

January Program

The outgoing and incoming Program Chairs are busy transitioning and identifying possible speakers and topics for 2020. Your input in the Roundtable Café portion of the December Program agenda is GREATLY appreciated! Many excellent suggestions were offered by our members and are currently being investigated and evaluated. The speaker for this January 9 Program will be Jay Watson. His presentation is titled, “Quality – Make No Mistake About It”. See abstract and biography details elsewhere in the Sun Dial newsletter and/or the ASQ Phoenix websites for more information.


I look forward to a year of renewal and growth for the Phoenix section and our members. I value your feedback and would love to hear your ideas for an enhanced & satisfying member experience (asq0704contactus@gmail.com).