Ohlone-College-Sponsored Applied Statistics 3-day Webinar June 2, 3, 4 by John Zorich

Applied Statistics:

This 3-day webinar explains statistical vocabulary, concepts, methods, and regulatory requirements that are useful in medical device and pharmaceutical companies, in NON-CLINICAL applications (i.e, R&D, Engineering, Mfg., QA/QC). The goal is for the attendees to UNDERSTAND the topics well enough to apply them, with FREE on-going consultation from the speaker. The webinar stresses sample size determination, risk-management, and identification of the pro’s and con’s of each topic.
One person per company needs to “register” on Ohlone College’s website, and pay fees ($100 per each day’s webinar desired). Anyone else in the company can attend a registered webinar for free (links for EACH ATTENDEE will be sent BY THE INSTRUCTOR, NOT BY OHLONE, a few days prior to the webinar) but only the registered person will be sent an official “attendance” certificate.   Additional details can be found here.


Disclaimer: ASQ Phoenix Section takes no responsibility to award ASQ Recertification Units.

Informational Brochure for  Day 1, Day 2, Day 3.  

Please register by Friday, May 29 at Ohlone College’s website.  If additional attendees from the same company would like to attend the webinar without additional charge, then please provide attendees information, including the contact information, to the instructor, John N. Zorich 

Instructor Bio:

John Zorich (MS, ASQ CQE) has worked in the biotech industry (in QA/QC, Mfg. and R&D) since 1979, and has been an independent statistical consultant and trainer to that industry since 1999. His consulting clients have included several large multi-national biotech companies as well as many Silicon Valley (SV) startups. John designs, validates and sells statistical application software programs that have been purchased by more than 110 companies, world-wide. He’s been the in-house statistical consultant and trainer since 2006 for DEKRA (one of the EU MDD “Notified Bodies”). He’s taught seminars in Applied Statistics for many of his clients as well as for SV ASQ Biomedical, UC Santa Cruz Extension, San Jose State Univ. (Graduate Biomedical Dept.), and SV Polytechnic Institute. John has given more than 140 statistical seminars/webinars through commercial training companies since 2014. And he’s taught this Ohlone workshop annually since 2005.
You can find John N. Zorich Jr., MS, COE  at
     Statistical Consulting, Training, and Software
     Silicon Valley CA and Houston TX
     Cell phone:  +01-408-203-8811 
     eMail:  johnzorich@yahoo.com
     website:  www.johnzorich.com