August 13 2020 Program Applying Lean Six Sigma to Personal Finances – A Quality Engineer’s Journey

August 13, 2020 Program Meeting Details


6:00pm – Informal Networking

6:30pm – Welcome & Introductions

6:50pm – Guest speaker presentation

7:45pm – Q&A and Wrap-up comments

8:00pm – Adjourn

Speaker: Bill Luhrs, Prism Investment Mgmt

Title: Applying Lean Six Sigma to Personal Finances – A Quality Engineer’s Journey

Abstract: A sudden layoff after 28 years as a successful quality leader results in the question, “Could I Retire Today?” Learn how a quality engineer applied corporate lean six sigma tools to define his present and future state, identify waste and apply a PDCA methodology to his personal finances. Continuous improvement, not fancy investments, is the better approach to a clear and confident path to retirement.


  • The four variables which will determine your financial security (only one is investment related)
  • Three hidden ‘muda’ which will drain your financial security and how to avoid them
  • The power of continuous improvement, compounded over decades 
  • How to apply PDCA to stay on your financial path

Biography: Bill Luhrs is former quality engineer and leader at GM, Ford, Dell Computer, Raytheon and ABB Solar. He holds a BS in Industrial Engineering, is a former ASQ CMQ/OE and Baldrige assessor for the Southwest Alliance for Excellence. Bill is three years into his second career as a financial advisor at Prism Investment Management based in Scottsdale, AZ.

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