January 9, 2020Jay WatsonQuality - Make No Mistake About It8333 S River Parkway, Tempe, AZ
February 13, 2020Harold “Bud” JohnsonAn Introduction to Design for Reliability in Gated Development8333 S River Parkway, Tempe, AZ
March 12, 2020John ChoateBusiness Storytelling8333 S River Parkway, Tempe, AZ 85284
April 9, 2020Cyndi Laurin, PhDMoving the Frontline Forward: Engage Your Employees to Create an Optimal Customer Outcome through Improving the Manager ExperienceOnline only. WebEx registration required.
May 14, 2020Vic NandaDefine the right metrics, aligned with goals and objectivesOnline only. WebEx registration required.
June 11, 2020Eric Maass, PhDPredictive Engineering: From Deterministic to Stochastic Modeling to Confidently Develop Compelling, Robust New ProductsOnline only. WebEx registration required.
July 16, 2020Laura RodriguezData Analysis: A Crayola Case Study with MinitabOnline only. WebEx registration required.
August 13, 2020Bill Luhrs, Lean in Personal FinanceOnline only. WebEx registration required.
September 10, 2020Timothy Woodcome, NQADoD Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)Online only. WebEx registration required.
October 8, 2020John Choate, SAP5 Active Generations Today; Understanding , Learning and Succeeding TogetherOnline only. WebEx registration required.
November 12, 2020Grace DuffyIntroducing the BEST method for process excellenceOnline only. WebEx registration required.
December 10, 2020Rachael ShagottToying with Six SigmaOnline only. WebEx registration required.
01/10/19Dustin Schodt and Joanne Voordeckers, Creative Testing SolutionsOpEx in the Digital Age8333 S River Parkway, Tempe, AZ
02/14/2019David GarafanoAZ Manufacturing Extension Partnership8333 S River Parkway, Tempe, AZ
03/14/2019Joanne FlynnFuture-Proof Your Quality Organization Human Capital8333 S River Parkway, Tempe, AZ
04/11/2019Rob LawtonTools and Strategies for Transformational Leaders8333 S River Parkway, Tempe, AZ
05/09/20191. Joseph Szoltysik and the Pingheng Student Team

2. Thomas Pyzdek and Juan Rivera, Pyzdek Institute
1. Future City Competition Presentation

2. The Future of Quality - A New Vision
8333 S River Parkway, Tempe, AZ
06/13/2019Steven Jacob, General Manager, Empire-CAT CRCCompany tour: Empire-CAT and its Components Rebuild Center, Mesa, AZEmpire-CAT, 1725 S. Country Club Drive, Mesa, AZ 85210
* Advance registration required *
07/11/2019James Steele
Statistical Techniques to Optimize Additive Manufacturing8333 S River Parkway, Tempe, AZ
08/08/2019Dr. Dan McCarville (ASU)Designed Experiments for Wine Making Constraint: Must Use All the Grapes!
8333 S River Parkway, Tempe, AZ
09/12/2019Radha SampathMTS - Mahalanobis Taguchi System - used in Employee Retention analysis8333 S River Parkway, Tempe, AZ
10/10/2019Tim Littlefield and Jeff RiggsTreating abnormal head shape in infants; quality challenges in customized medicine.8333 S River Parkway, Tempe, AZ
11/14/2019Patti DuBois
Amy Stoklas-Oakes
CEI-LabForce program: Quality Technician Incubator8333 S River Parkway, Tempe, AZ
12/12/2019ASQ Phoenix Executive CommitteeAnnual Holiday Networking Event8333 S River Parkway, Tempe, AZ

2018 Programs

01/11/18Russ Branaghan Human Factors and Useability
02/08/18Keith BowersBig Data Techniques on Quality Information
03/08/18Robert WoodsContinuous Improvement and Lean Activities at State of Arizona
04/12/18Vic NandaStep by Step Guide to Streamline Business Processes & Banish Waste in 3 days
05/10/18Will LafolleteLean Six Sigma in Service and Healthcare
06/14/18Tom AlbrigoArtificial Intelligence and Applications for Quality
07/12/18Patrick WhiteISO-45001
08/09/18Anton CamarotaQuality & Sustainability
09/13/18Kazue BalintStratification Project (Quality in food processing)
10/11/18Robert MitchellChange Management
11/08/18Wayne Haggstrom
Amanda Freeman
SWAE, Baldrige, and "Process-Level" application
12/13/18ASQ Phoenix OfficersAnnual Holiday networking event;
Quality Jeopardy team competition

2017 Programs

1/12/2017Gail WeartMonitoring Immediate Use Steam Sterilization with Control Charts
2/9/2017Carla CarterMaking Measures Matter A Leadership Case Study
3/9/2017Dr. Linne BourgetPositive Leadership
4/13/2017Chuck CoxEnterprise Value Stream Mapping
5/11/2017Jim Dunning (Contact Info)Risk Management
6/8/2017Bill LuhrsQuality Metrics, 'Creating Quality Scorecards to Prevent Surprises and Accelerate Continuous Improvement'
7/13/2017Vic NandaConflict Resolution & Improved Collaboration Using Quality Tools (Case Study)
8/10/2017Garth ConradUsing Data Visualization to Inspire Action
9/14/2017Andrew FeinbergAuditing: The Good, The Bad,
and The Ugly
10/12/2017Joanne VoordeckersProcess Excellence: A Roadmap for Inventing Your Company's Future
11/9/2017Robert MitchellCapturing & Translating VOC for Superior Customer Experience
12/14/2017John BaranzelliInfluence and Power in the Modern Organization; plus the Section's Holiday Networking Event

2016 Programs

1/14/2016Chuck CoxThe Progress Principle
2/11/2016Ellen Ermer & Joanne Voordeckers, Blood Systems, Inc.Leadership is the single-most important factor in the success or failure of change efforts
3/10/2016Southwest Alliance for ExcellenceAnnual Performance Excellence Program
4/14/2016Dick GouldWhy Should I Care About Social Responsibility
5/12/2016Amrish PatelQuality Management System Auditing
6/9/2016Tony BenedictIntegration of Two Health Systems to Form HonorHealth
7/14/2016Bob Mitchell CQA CQE CMQOEImproving Strategy Deployment using Business Process Excellence
8/11/2016Walter TigheISO 9001:2015 What's It All About?
9/8/2016Richard UphoffWorkforce Development as Self-Development
10/13/2016Ricardo CastilloLean Deployment and Culture Shift at Northern Arizona Healthcare
11/10/2016Donna HortonWhat does it mean to work in software quality
12/8/2016Annual Holiday EventJoint Meeting with APICS (American Production and Inventory Control Society?)